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The annual Matat2Pont is our marquee event, which attracted thousands of spectators and viewers of the live broadcasts on social media last year. The event was founded by Dean Riley after the 2014 Matat National Enduro when he called up fellow enthusiast Sakkie Maartens. They wanted to share their passion and excitement for the sport with other riders and expose them to some incredible routes in the area. In 2015, the first Matat2Pont 3 day Enduro event was successfully launched.

On the first day the ride begins in Matatiele where you ride through the mountainous region of the Eastern Cape and southern KZN to Kokstad. Riders should expect exceptional riding with some challenging sections. On day 2 the riders begin in Kokstad and head towards Harding which entails some undulating hills, valleys and river crossings with spectacular sceneries. Riders begin their last leg from Harding, heading down to the coast and through Bongwana, the teams can expect an adventurous and thrilling ride, finally ending off by crossing the Umtamvuna river over our infamous floating bridge at The Pont in Port Edward. 

We are proud to have launched a local community project called S.H.O.E.S where we, together with the teams, collect 2nd hand clothing and shoes for the underprivileged communities and distribute them on the route while promoting awareness for this charity.


Sportsmen Helping Others Enjoy Shoes

The SHOES charity was formed in 2015 with the intention of collecting shoes and clothing items to help the less fortunate people in the rural areas. The Kokstad and Matatiele area is known for its severe cold winters, with added snowfalls and heavy frost. Some children have to walk long distances to school in these conditions witthout shoes.

In 2015 we collected 150 pairs of shoes and numerous clothing items which we handed out in the rural areas where we enjoy riding. In 2016 we collected 860 pairs of shoes. Our goal for 2017 is 1000 pairs of shoes.

To see all those kids and adults receive these SHOES is well worth our effort. 2 kids that made provincial hockey sides also benefitted from our charity drive in 2016. So yes, we support where we can. If you would like to donate, kindly contact us or bring them with to the next event. It is open to the public to help and trust us, it will make your heart happy and even shed a tear or two when you see how gratefull all the beneficiaries are.

Entries Open

Grab your spot before it’s too late – there are only 300 entries available!

DABSS Adventures | Nedbank | Acc: 1127390767 | BC: 198765 | Reference: Full Name
Payment cut-off 31 May 2021 to secure your booking.


R12 500/Team
  • Includes 2 riders and 1 backup driver
  • 3x Matat2Pont Jackets
  • 3x Matat2Pont T-Shirts
  • 3x Matat2Pont Caps
  • 13 Meals per team member
  • Accomodation in Tented Village
  • Lucky Draw Prizes
Enter Team

Solo Rider

R4 900/Rider
  • Matat2Pont Jacket
  • Matat2Pont T-Shirt
  • Matat2Pont Cap
  • 13 Meals
  • Accomodation in Tented Village
  • Lucky Draw Prizes
  • Fuel truck to re-fuels
Enter Solo


R2 200/Person
  • Matat2Pont T-Shirt
  • Matat2Pont Cap
  • 13 Meals
  • Accomodation in Tented Village
  • Matat2Pont Jacket
  • Lucky Draw Prizes
  • Fuel truck to re-fuels
Enter Non-Rider

Entries Closed: 31 May 2021








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Wondering what to expect at this year’s event?

Check out the itinerary below:

Wednesday 22nd September – Registration

12:00 to 17:00 – Arrive in Matatiele for registration at the Matatiele Golf Club (Erf 1 on R56)
Follow the day glow markers from Main Street to the Golf Club.
Tent number allocation will run on a first come first served basis – mattresses will be supplied for each rider/driver. Teams get 2 tents and solos get 1.
Armbands will be supplied at registration, this will be for all meals during the event, no arm band = no food.

Riders will each receive a R100 fuel voucher from Sydfred Motors, their bike stickers as well as their hoodies, shirts & caps.

Please get your GPS tracks loaded for Day 1 at the Macete table.

18:00 – 20:00 Welcome Dinner & Riders Briefing

Thursday 23th September – Day 1 – Matat to Kokstad

What to expect: Baboons Pass, Good Afternoon Pass, See Your Ass Pass, Fucksani, Waterfall, Ball Bearings, Mvenyane, Holmes Hill, Highway. Today’s route is approx 115km.

6:00 to 7:00 – Breakfast will be served
7:30 – Depart from the Golf Club & ride to the Town Hall.
8:00 – Start of the ride from the Red Bull Arch.
You will get lunch on arrival at St Patricks School in Kokstad.
18:00 – 20:00 – Dinner & Riders Briefing

Friday 24th September – Day 2 – Kokstad to Harding

6:00 to 7:00 – Breakfast will be served
7:30 – Meet at the Redbull Arch ready for departure

What to expect: We will be going over the Ingeli mountain to Dekota Hill and then head to the fuel stop. The fuel stop will be 34 km from Kokstad and will take the vehicles about 30min to get there. From there we will be going through some forest areas. The first half of the ride will be slightly more technical than the second half which will be flowing with a few hill climbs and lots of river crossings. The ride is approximately 90km.

You will get lunch on arrival in Harding.
18:00 – 20:00 – Dinner & Riders Briefing

Saturday 25th September – Day 3 – Harding to The Pont

6:00 to 7:00 – Breakfast will be served
07:30 – Meet at Redbull Arch ready for departure

What to expect: There are quite a few changes to Day 3… The route starts off the same as last year until we get into Bongwana. Then we’ll go down Welcome Pass and ride to Benbarbel… then up Benbarbel… from here the route changes… We’ll go up the new Puffadder Pass as well as another new nameless pass… We then work our way to Pylon Pass, an awesome pass we rode last year but instead of routing to the dirt road and making our way down to the fuel stop, we go down Chopper Pass and back into the valley for our all new never-been-ridden before forest section with numerous river crossings… like “Hole in the Wall” .. this section will add about 45 minutes to the total time on Day 3. We then route up the ridge and to the fuel stop. We have added a new 15km section with some technical climbs and river crossings… Day 3 will be a challenge & a great way to end off the event. The route is approx 115km.

Arrive at The Pont by crossing the Umtamvuna river over the famous floating bridge, under the Redbull Arch and complete a small obstacle course to finish off!

You will get lunch on arrival at The Pont and your tent for the final night will be waiting for you.

18:00 onwards Dinner and prize giving followed by some well-deserved celebrations 

Sunday 26th September – Travel Home

Breakfast will be available at The Pont for your own account. Depart home at your leisure & travel safe.

Other important information:

A lunch pack will be provided for riders each day after breakfast
Cash bar available each night
There will be a bike wash available on day 1 & 2 for approx. R50 each. Bike cleaner will be supplied by Halls
There will be a truck and trailer available to take fuel to refuel points each day. Please ensure you have at least 2 marked containers.
Drivers wanting to go to fuel stops will be provided with maps at registration.
Please wear your food arm bands at all times. No arm band no meals.

What to Bring:
• Bedding
• Pillow
• Torch
• Rain jacket
Camel back with liquid
• Trail snacks (snack for while riding)
• Toiletries
• Running spares for your bike (steel putty, masterlink, spark plug etc)
Tool bag
• Riding kit for 3 days

Tag our facebook page and use #M2P2021 so we can share the excitement!

Cheers & see you soon!

The M2P Crew

    Payment information

    Please note: Payment needs to be made in full by 31 May 2021 to secure your registration.

    Banking Details:
    DABSS Adventures
    Acc: 1127390767
    BC: 198765
    Reference: Full Name or Team Name

    Send proof of payment to info@matat2pont.co.za

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